All of the music here has been made available freely to support refugees and immigrants. If you’re performing to fundraise for an appropriate cause, you can download it for free: if you’d like to use the music for something else, please make a donation before downloading.

Download music for your choir – 10 pieces available for all levels of choir, from children and community choirs to professional singers, in various arrangements. Latest (May 2021): These Are Our Neighbours (The Kenmure Street Song) by Chris Hutchings. For 4 equal voice parts plus stamping and clapping, very easy, for protesting!

Also available – click here for more details and to download copies:

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Latest news: In May 2022, Seattle Pro Musica performed “Where Are my Unnumbered Days?” and “The Wall” from #ChoirsAgainstRacism in their concert “The Way Home – Music of Refuge”.