All of the music here has been made available freely to support refugees and immigrants. If you’re performing to fundraise for an appropriate cause, you can download it for free: if you’d like to use the music for something else, please make a donation before downloading.

Download music for your choir – 10 pieces available for all levels of choir, from children and community choirs to professional singers, in various arrangements. Most recent pieces added: Harbour by Anna Tabbush, for SAB choir, and Only When It’s Dark Enough by Jake Alexander, for 3-part choir (Oct 2020).

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Latest news: “I Was Listening To A Pogrom” (words by Michael Rosen) was performed as part of “Occupy The Pianos” on 18th October 2020 in St John’s Smith Square, London, by Rolf Hind and LorĂ© Lixenberg – click here for concert details and a concert programme. A recording will be available online shortly.